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on January 9, 2018

We are back at it again. . .learning, growing, and developing!  I trust that you all had some quality time together over our two week break.  I know I enjoyed the downtime and now look forward to growing and reaching new goals during these next few months.

Goals:  Students came home with a goal sheet yesterday.  I wanted them to think about what goals they wanted to accomplish between now and spring break.  The goal sheet will also have the numbers they need to practice for the next math dash for Friday!

Math:  We are starting a new unit on place value which will lead us into three digit addition and subtraction.  A two digit addition and subtraction sheet will come home today that students did before the break.  Almost everyone got a 3, for full understanding.  A few students just need a quick refresher.  This is encouraging and I am hopeful for a little easier math unit than our last one on elapsed time.  Unit 3 math tests will be sent home this week.

Writing:  We are publishing our informational writing pieces this week.  Students are working hard on detailed, informative paragraphs with pictures, diagrams, bold words, and other text features that we have learned.  Next, we will head back to narrative writing!

Reading:  We have been reading many informational books during reading time.  Some of the students really enjoy learning and digging into new information.  Some like a good story with characters and a problem/solution.  Since we coincide our reading and writing units as much as possible, our next reading unit will be fictional books in a series.  I will place students into book clubs and they will read two books in a series.  They will talk with their book club about character connections and relationships between the two books.

Social Studies:  We continue studying the history of Michigan.  Our read aloud is called Traders in Time by a Michigan author named, Janie Panagopoulos.  This is a great story begins in Grand Haven, Michigan and eventually travels back in time to fur traders.  It brings to life the sights, smells, and drama that took place along the shores of Lake Michigan and at Fort Mackinac in the later 1700s.

Twin Thursday!  The students have won another award. . .and their choice for achieving the goal?  Twin Day!  They can chose any person in class or in school to plan to dress as their “twin” for the day.

Early Release Friday!  Please remember Friday is an early release.  If your child would like a sack lunch, will you please email me to let me know.  Thank you!

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