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Updates from Room 201

Here we are in week #2 and the students already seem to know the routines.  I am so impressed with how they came in this morning and did our morning routine.  I want to explain to you a few routines that you can help with at home.


Each Monday, we will take a spelling pretest.  (We took our first one today.)  Unit 1 is a review of short vowel sounds.  If students pass the pretest with 0-1 wrong, they get challenge words.  If they get 2 or more wrong, they stay with regular words.  It is marked on their sheet and they have been told in class which words they need to study.  Also on that paper is a list of ideas of how to practice at home.  We will have a spelling test every Friday.


I will send a homework packet home every Monday.  These four things will be included in every packet:  spelling, with a reminder to practice, reading 20-30 minutes every night, and 2-3 math Homework pages. The packet will be due back the following Monday but can be turned in early.  I will start homework packets on Monday, Sept. 11.  However, good reading habits and spelling practice can begin tonight! 🙂

Star Student

Beginning next week we will have our first Star Student.  When your child is the Star Student, they will have one week to color the poster and collect 5 pictures for them to bring to class.  As a Star Student, they will have lunch with me on Tuesdays, do a mini book review for the class, be the line leader, and be my special helper.


This year, we have no food allergies.  You may send in a treat for your child’s birthday.  Please keep it simple so we can keep our day focused on learning.  We will sing and the birthday person will get a special treat from me.  If they have a summer birthday, let’s celebrate on their 1/2 birthday!!


Our library day in on TUESDAY this year.  Your child will check out three library books.  I have them choose two within their reading level and one can be a book of choice.

Please email me at if you have any questions!

Last but not least. . .THANK YOU for the many donations that have been brought in the classroom!  We will use all of these throughout the year.

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